Adam Schiff: ‘There Is No Chance of Us Persuading the Senate in Impeachment’

‘They have shown they will carry the president’s baggage no matter how soiled the contents’


SCHIFF: "Well, I would just say this, there is no chance of us persuading the Senate, the Senate Republicans in an impeachment trial. They have shown their willingness to carry the President’s baggage no matter how soiled its contents, but I want to make sure before we go down this road that we could persuade the public that this was the right thing to do and part of persuading the public that impeachment is the right thing to do is making sure the country understands that this was a last resort. Now some of the folks that you mentioned have been embracing impeachment from the very beginning. I don’t think that's useful in making the case to the public that we did this reluctantly but the President is pushing us down this road and if in particular after having sought foreign assistance and welcomed foreign assistance in the last presidential campaign as a candidate, he is now doing the same thing again but now using the power of the presidency, then he may force us to go down this road. I’ve spoken with a number of my colleagues over the last week and this seems different in kind and we may very well have crossed the Rubicon here."

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