Dan Bongino on Trudeau’s Blackface Controversy: The Left’s Rules Are Different for Race Based Issues

‘I scratched my head, I think at the TV, you are kidding, right?’


BONGINO: “Sean, here is the difference. The way the media covers, they’ll cover it initially. Didn’t avoid the email scandal. They’ll let it go and while you talk about it while there is no resolution, we still haven’t found them, they will say, no, stop talking about this, we’d cover this months ago. It’s a dead story. They won’t do it for Republicans but someone has to resign from office. They also have to make it up like they did with spygate. I heard an interesting thing on this network earlier. One of our friends of the network said something like the rules are different on these kind of race-based issues like this blackface candle with Trudeau, Republicans with their troubled history with the race. I scratched my head, I think at the TV, you are kidding, right? You remember the dixiecrat’s? I’m only responsible for my self, my — how do you say the Republican leaders were the leaders in the civil rights — it’s ridiculous!”

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