Netflix Host Compares Lawmakers’ College Tuitions with Today’s Costs: ‘You Paid Far Less for Your Degrees’

‘Cal State costs more than six grand’


MINHAJ: “But it's true. Two thirds of all jobs in America require at least some college. This is the standard now. And that wasn't the case when most members of this committee were in school. And you paid far less for your degrees. That's not a speculation. We looked up where the 60 members of this committee went to college and what your school's tuition was at that time. Even adjusting for inflation, college cost way less across the board. So, Chairwoman Maxine Waters, your tuition at Cal State LA in 1971 was the equivalent of about $1,000 a year. Today, Cal State costs more than six grand. That’s more than a 500% jump. Congressman King, right, in 1965, Congressman King paid the equivalent of almost ten grand a year at St. Francis College. Today, St. Francis costs over 25 grand a year. On average, this entire committee graduated from college 33 years ago and paid an inflation-adjusted tuition of $11,690 a year. Today, the average tuition at all of your same schools is almost $25,000. That's a 110% increase over a period of time when wages have gone up only 16%. So, people aren't making more money and college is objectively way more expensive. You see what's happened? We put up a pay wall to the middle class. And if there's one thing Americans don't deserve more of, it's pay walls. That's why we put up our entire show for free on YouTube. It's also because you can't really find anything on Netflix."  

(Via Breitbart)

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