Elise Jordan: Trump Doesn’t Understand that His for Now Republican Allies on the Hill Actually Really Don’t Like Him

‘He has been their blunt instrument’


JORDAN: “Joe, I don’t think that Donald Trump understands that his for now Republican allies on The Hill actually really don’t like him. He has been their blunt instrument, their means to an end, and they have tolerated him as he’s doing things that go along with what they want and while the economy is strong. And after this summer of racist ranting, of, you know, just cheerleading a recession practically by his own Twitter handle so voters are able to directly relate dips in the market to what Donald Trump is saying and doing on Twitter, this has not been a good summer for him. So while 38% of people might be okay with the racism, with the tanking of the economy by casual tweet, I think he really did a lot of damage to himself this summer. And then further stories of corruption, whether it’s the Trump Hotel in Washington, to Scotland, that does not do anything to help Donald Trump’s political fortunes.”

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