Charlamagne Tha God Rips Biden for Offering a Surrogate to Appear on the Show: Might Be Suffering from ‘White Entitlement and Privilege’

‘That tells me a lot about what Joe Biden thinks about our audience’


BALDWIN: "But he has support among black Americans. And I’m curious with you guys, because you’re like the go-to spot for a lot of these candidates. We know Joe Biden’s been in New York. When is he on your show?"

MCKELVEY: "Joe Biden has offered to send his surrogate. That tells me a lot about what Joe Biden thinks about our audience. I think Joe Biden might be suffering from that same white entitlement and privilege and ego where he’s just that old school white male who feels like hey, man, they need me, I don’t need them. Or, I got them already. So, yeah, my surrogate, my black male surrogate, you go talk to them. That’s not respect."

BALDWIN: "Would you like to have him on if he offered?"

MCKELVEY: "Yeah, absolutely."

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