Joe Scarborough: There Are Consequences Around the World for Trump Being ‘Detached and Emotionally Unstable’

‘Donald Trump, bizarrely enough, was focused on a sharpie doodle that he had done several days before’

SCARBOROUGH: “I have been inside my house with the windows and doors boarded up and hunkering down, and it’s really frightening. You don’t know what tornadoes are going to spin off. You don’t know where they’re going to go. You don’t know how your community is going to be ripped apart. And at that precise moment, the President of the United States wasn’t talking about South Carolina or North Carolina or Virginia. He was talking about Alabama, a state that was never in any danger and certainly was, at least as Shep Smith and Fox News said, four days removed from any danger by the time he tweeted his Tweet. You know, David Ignatius, again, so much of this is just farce and I have gotten to the point — I pull my hair out at the ignorance and the nonsense. But in a case like this, he panicked people in Alabama. Now he’s lying about it. And he’s doing that instead of doing what every president that I ever dealt with during these storms, whether it was Bill Clinton or George W. Bush or governors like Lawton Chiles or Jeb Bush, I mean, when those storms are about to hit shore, all of their attention and focus was on protecting the people that were in the path of the storm. Donald Trump, bizarrely enough, was focused on a sharpie doodle that he had done several days before. And there are — of course, the whole world is watching. There are consequences in Russia and China and Saudi Arabia and across the world that our leader seems this detached and this unstable emotionally."

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