Rick Tyler: Situation with China ‘Could Have Been Solved Had We Stayed in TPP’

‘Instead of doing that, that must have been a Barack Obama deal so that can’t be any good’

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TYLER: “And part of the reason we don’t have any gun reforms like background checks, universal background checks, is because Mitch McConnell does not believe that Donald Trump will do what he says he’s going to do. If you look at the markets, you know, if you look at China, we don’t have a trade deal with China, by the way, which could have all been solved had we just stayed with TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, because then we would have the whole region working against China or competing with China in our favor. But instead of doing that, that must have been a Barack Obama deal so that can’t be any good. So instead we’re going to tax the American people to try to win some stupid trade war. But again, it’s the negotiation of not negotiating with an honest broker, with somebody who is honest, because constitutional republics and free markets and contract law, they all require that you’re dealing with somebody who has got a grasp of the truth and will tell the truth, and he doesn’t."

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