Juan Williams Rails Against Trump For Doctoring Hurricane Map with Sharpie and Fox Co-Hosts Largely Ignore Him

‘He used his black sharpie to extend the reach of the storm beyond what the researchers are saying to extend his political agenda’


WILLIAMS: "Well, I think there is no question we have rising temperatures, the ocean, we have rising in sea levels. If you are in a coastal community, that’s why people are concerned. But, to me, AOC’s tweet, I just don’t think most people pay attention. I’ll tell you what concerned me, is the idea that the President of the United States, someone we are supposed to trust to give us accurate information when lives are at stake, is using his sharpie to extend the reach of this storm to Alabama so that he;s not wrong in what he was saying a week ago. To me — I don't understand why he would — "

WATTERS: "I'm not familiar with Sharpiegate." 

WILLIAMS: "Oh, because he had a map from the National Weather Service next to his desk today, Jesse, and he used his black sharpie to extend the reach of the storm beyond what the National Weather Service was saying to fit his political agenda. His political agenda is saying, oh, gee, part of my base is at stake and I’m going to protect you. This is what Trump is up to and it seems to me — "

(Via Mediaite)

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