Mika and Scarborough Badger Mattis to Try to Get Him to Criticize Trump: You Should Make an Exception Before the Election

‘What about competence and character to actually be commander in chief?’


MATTIS: "I believe that political assessments should be left to the wisdom of the American people. I have this much — let me just make a point. General Bradley, after World War II, was the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and he said, 'When a general retires their uniform, they should retire their tongue on these kinds of issues.' And the reason is, when I walked into your studio this morning, people greeted me as General Mattis. I consider myself Jim Mattis. I’m from the west, and I’m Jim. But I will be forever in some people’s minds a general. And I think we have a tradition that goes back over 200 years, George Washington, George Marshall, that military people do not dictate or pass evaluations on political leaders or tell the American people this is the way you should be thinking. Or maybe some people would misinterpret it and say, 'He’s telling the uniformed military now how they should be voting.' I don’t think this is helpful at all."
SCARBOROUGH: "And I will remind my wife — hey, honey — that Dr. Brzezinski, I don’t know if you all knew this or not, he had opinions, lots of opinions, and he always shared those opinions. But in the ten, fifteen years that I knew him, in the most private of conversations, he never once said anything negative about Jimmy Carter, his commander in chief. It was always positive. And if you tried to ever move him there, a wall went up. So I always respected and admired him for that. We think, though, you shouldn’t make an exception before the 2020 election."

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