Jamal Simmons: I Think Stacey Abrams Won the Georgia Governor’s Race

‘You saw the Stacey Abrams race where I mean frankly I think she won that race’

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SIMMONS: "I mean, everybody needs to sober up just a little bit. This is still Georgia. But Georgia is now at a tipping point. I mean you saw the Stacey Abrams race where I mean frankly I think she won that race. I think she won that race, but the current governor probably did a few things that kept him in the hunt longer than he should have been. Having a second seat may help. Here’s why. I was talking to a couple of friends down there today. One of the things that could happen is you could end up — there are no African-Americans running for David Purdue’s seat. But you could have a couple of African-Americans who get into the Johnny Isaacson seat, and if that happens then you have an African-American on the ballot in November of 2020 while the presidential race is going on, and you could have a surge in turn out that could bring one of those senators over the line."

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