Catherine Herridge: 2nd Report on FISA, Alleged Surveillance Abuses Targeting Trump Campaign Still Pending

‘The bottom line for folks at home is this is not the major report that we’ve been waiting for’


HERRIDGE: “The inspector general found that there was seven memos documenting in part the private conversations with the president. They said they were not personal memos as Comey told Congress but they were in fact government records and he had no authorization to remove them. His characterization otherwise was not supported by the law. To get the contents of a memo to “The New York Times” to start the investigation, the report found Comey used a Columbia law school professor as an intermediary. Earlier on fox, the former acting Attorney general weighed in saying that he thought that it pointed to a culture at the FBI that was over seen and created by Comey where leaking was tolerated. The bottom line for folks at home is this is not the major report that we’ve been waiting for, which is the FISA investigation that looks into alleged surveillance abuse and targeting of the Trump campaign, this is a separate report that looks at the handling of the memos that kick started the special counsel investigation and the actions of the former FBI director. You cannot underscore this enough. An fib director is not every day that they’re investigated be I the inspector general. They’re held to a very high standard. Because they set the tone for the 35,000 employees at the bureau and he is considered The Nation’s chief law enforcement investigator, Neil.”

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