CBS Cheers ObamaCare Anniversary; Uses W.H. Stats Passed off as ‘Our Research Dept’

‘Our research department tells us more than 16 million Americans have health insurance who didn’t have it before’

CBS Cheers Anniversary of ObamaCare; Uses WH Stats Passed Off as ‘Our Research Dept' (NewsBusters)

The CBS Evening News enthusiastically took to promoting ObamaCare in the form of a brief on its Monday night broadcast, hailing the fifth anniversary of President Obama signing the massive legislation into law. Anchor Scott Pelley began by reminding viewers that “[i]t was five years ago today that President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act known as ObamaCare.”

Continuing the White House spin, Pelley rattled off a few statistics regarding the health care law that he claimed were from “[o]ur research department” with the first being that “more than 16 million Americans have health insurance who didn't have it before.”

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