David Jolly: ‘[Trump] Is Simply Not Taken Seriously on the World Stage, He’s Not Respected’

‘This felt much more like a G-6 than G-7’


JOLLY: "To your point, Nicolle, I’m not sure that it’s a lowering of the bar by the press or those covering it, I think it’s an acceptance by the international community and the press that Donald Trump lowered the bar when it comes to U.S. leadership on the world stage. To Elise’s point, this felt much more like a G6 than a G7. This is a president with each passing summit that we realize is simply not taken seriously on the world stage. He’s not respected. He’s not even feared, which was once kind of the calling card of Donald Trump, if you will, in his unpredictability, at least he was feared. This is a president that's merely placated. He’s that relative at the family gatherings that you just nod your head and say okay too. He’s the person in the south that they say oh, sure, bless your heart kind of thing. This is a president on the world stage who's not respected by his peers. And among allies, I think why this was maybe noneventful, it’s okay among allies in freedom, but it’s among communities of nation states that weren’t there where it really is distressing, when we talk about his bilateral relations with Russia, his comments almost forgiving, if you will, Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.”

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