Joe Walsh: ‘I’m Not a Bomb Thrower But I Despise Political Correctness’

‘Say publicly what you think privately’


CAMEROTA: "I know you’ve apologized for them, but I do think they require a little bit more explanation. So let’s just go through a few of them, a few of the whoppers. This was on Twitter. This was 2017. You said, 'We lowered the bar for Obama. He was held to a lower standard because he was black.' That was 2017. This is 2018. This is just last year. 'I have a right to pray to whatever God I want to pray to. I have the right to call Obama a Muslim and call Trump a thin-skinned egomaniac. I have the right to use an AR-15 to defend my family and my home. This is America. Get off my lawn.' Was that helpful in 2018, that rhetoric?" 
WALSH: "No. Probably a little too out there. But Alisyn, I’m not a bomb thrower, but I despise political correctness." 
CAMEROTA: "You are a bomb thrower. Saying, 'I have a right to use my AR-15,' saying, 'I have a right to call Obama a Muslim,' even though you know that’s not true. That is bomb throwing." 
WALSH: "No. It’s a protection against free speech.”

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