Roberts: Sebelius Says 'Hold Me Accountable' ... So Fire Her

'This is a person who has said that yes, I was responsible, hold me accountable -- what does that mean?'

VAN SUSTEREN: "What do we achieve if she resigns? What's achieved by that?"
ROBERTS: "I think accountability. This is not personal on my part at all. This is a person who has said that, 'yes, I was responsible. Hold me accountable.' What does that mean?"
VAN SUSTEREN: "What could she have done?"
ROBERTS: "What does that mean in the federal government?"
VAN SUSTEREN: "What could she have done about the navigators, and the fact they don't have these background checks? What could she do?"
ROBERTS: "If it were brought to her attention, which we brought it to her attention twice. Once in June, once in October, didn't get any response. That's very typical quite frankly of letters that I have sent to the secretary, despite the relationship that I thought was otherwise, and no response. And so as a result, we wrote the letters. We ought to have answers, and if it takes federal legislation to make sure that this is the case, I think it ought to be introduced, and probably will be."

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