Wasserman Schultz: Israel Is Becoming ‘a Political Wedge and a Political Football’ with Omar, Tlaib Ban

‘I think it was unfortunate’


WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ: "I think this is demonstrative of the dangerous slippery slope that President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu have placed Israel on. When you have two free countries who allow for the freedom of speech, the freedom of travel, really without conditions and to -- to have suggested — to have prohibited my colleagues from traveling to Israel, I think was a sign of weakness, I think it was unfortunate, I think it — I think it allows for Israel to be exactly what we don’t want it to be, and that is a political wedge and a political football. We need to make sure that Israel remains a Jewish and democratic state, and that we make sure we can promote and expand people’s awareness of the importance of both of those statuses."

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