MSNBC: Biden Beats Trump in Head to Head in Fox News Poll

‘Joe Biden continuing as the front-runner’


GEIST: "Yeah. Fascinating polls showing Joe Biden continuing as the front-runner. The lead pick for Democratic voters with 31% backing his presidential run. But look at Elizabeth Warren, she’s up to 20%. She trails by 11 points, but up 8 points since July. Senator Bernie Sanders rounding out the top three at 10%, but he’s down 5 points since July. Voters also were asked who would win in a 2020 potential match-up between President Trump and some of those Democratic candidates. Biden came out as the clear winner with 50% saying they would back his run against Donald Trump. 38% said they would vote for President Trump in that hypothetical match-up. Voters who had a negative view of both Trump and Biden still backed Biden by 43%-10% margin in the head-to-head match-up. And President Trump is polling below several other Democratic challengers as well. He's 9 points behind Bernie Sanders in a head-to-head, 7 points behind Elizabeth Warren, and 6 points behind Kamala Harris. Joe, what's interesting as you look at that graphic, President Trump is steady, no matter who he is up against, at 38, 39%."

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