Trump Swipes at Academy Awards Ratings During Speech on Energy and Manufacturing: ‘They Started Taking Us On’

‘You know, the Academy Awards is on hard times now, you know that’


TRUMP: “That's a lot of people back there for a — for, like, 11 o'clock speeches, that's a lot of people. That's a lot like the Academy Awards during the day. It used to be. You know, the Academy Awards is on hard times now, you know that. Nobody wants to watch it. You know why? Because they started taking us on, everyone got tired of it. It's amazing. That used to be second after the Super Bowl, and then all of a sudden now it's just another show, because people got tired of people getting up and making fools of themselves and disrespecting the people in this room and the people that won the election in 2016. (applause) And the people that won the Senate without me on the ticket in 2018. You know, they never say that. We won the Senate.”

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