Flashback: Ana Navarro Calls Trump Jr. ‘Fredo’ on Chris Cuomo Show

‘I think he is echoing his father who demonizing immigrants time and time and time and time again’

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NAVARRO: “At the end of the day, Donald Trump Jr. and whatever he says, can I just file my nails? I mean, this is an entitled rich spoil little brat whose only call to fame is being his daddy's son who hasn't built anything of his own, who hasn't done anything of his own, who is somehow trying to hang on to the fame of his father in order to have some level of relevancy. Steve is right, he didn't even make the cut that his brother-in-law and sister did to be part of the Oval Office and the White House staff. Daddy kept Fredo back home, so who cares what Donald Trump Jr. says. Who cares what Donald Trump Jr. says?"

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