Trump Calls Chris Cuomo an ‘Out-of-Control Animal’ Who Uses ‘Horrible’ Language and ‘Spews Lies’

‘I think that what Chris Cuomo did was horrible’


TRUMP: "I think that what Chris Cuomo did was horrible. His language was horrible, he looked like a total out-of-control animal. He lost it. And frankly, I don’t think anybody should defend him, because he spews lies every night. So I don’t know why anybody would defend him, but, Chris Cuomo was out of control, I watched it I thought it was terrible. So I don’t know who is defending him, maybe they didn’t see it, maybe they haven’t gotten the whole picture, but I think anybody that would have seen Chris Cuomo, would have said that was a disgrace. You’ve never seen me do that.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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