Andrew Yang: ‘I’m Optimistic that Republicans Will Do the Right Thing, Overcome the NRA’s Objections’

‘ ... and help pass these laws to help make the American people safer’


BERMAN: "You say Americans want solutions, not sound bites. This is the first time we’ve had a chance to talk to you since the massacre in El Paso and Dayton. What’s the solution there? And is there one being floated now by Democrats and Republicans? Mitch McConnell saying, 'We will discuss expanding background checks and red flag laws.' Is that a solution in your mind?" 
YANG: "It’s very much a big, big — the biggest part of the solution. We need common sense gun laws, gun safety laws in this country, universal background checks, red flag laws. The vast majority of Americans support this legislation, and I’m optimistic that Republicans will do the right thing, overcome the NRA’s objections and help pass these laws to help make the American people safer."

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