Joe Biden: ‘We Should Be Legalizing Dreamers Right Now’

‘We should be focused on having an immigration plan that provides a pathway to citizenship for people who are undocumented’


BIDEN: "No, we should be focused on, number one, we should be focused on having a comprehensive immigration plan that provides a pathway to citizenship for people who are here undocumented. We should be in fact legalizing DREAMers right now. There are over 4 million families, over 10 million people. We should be uniting families, not separating families. We should in fact have an actual program whereby you are able to find an avenue to have your asylum case heard. And this idea of walking away from dealing with allowing people to have asylum hearings in the United States is bizarre. That's not who we are. That's not who we are as a country. And folks, when you go out there, there is no need to separate children from their families, no need to put people in cages. At the end of our administration, we found that when you say, 'Show up at such and such a date,' they show up. We don’t need to do this. And by the way, the people, if anybody, who should be deported — well, I shouldn't get into that."

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