Rep. Kinzinger: I Hate White Nationalism, Universal Background Checks Need To Be Done

‘Why are they feeling totally isolated in this country?’


KINZINGER: “It’s a number of things. I want to say this, I’m not doing this and I didn’t write this op-ed for Politics. I don’t know if this is a good political move for me or not. I don’t care. But I’m as burdened as everybody else is as what’s going on. And I’m looking at this fight and saying both sides, we don’t find solutions that are agreeable and can mitigate the problem. First off, I think gun purchases need to be raised — the age needs to be raised to 21. Right now to buy a handgun in this country, you have to be 21. And the initial thought was we’re exempting long guns because that’s things like hunting gear and shooting and shotguns. But I think that know is defining things like purchasing an ar which is used in many of these mass shootings. The next thing is, we need universal background checks and not doing it cumbersome, and I think looking at the heart that exists too and the recognition that there’s real evil. Why are feeling this draw to evil, the draw to violence? Why are they feeling totally isolated in this country? That’s not a government solution, but that’s a solution for people that either go to church or involved in social circles, why are people feeling isolated. Take hold of these issues and I think we can begin to see some real difference especially when it comes to the 21 age in the area of school shootings.”

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