Julian Castro: We Need to ‘Address This Toxic White Supremacy That Is Brewing Throughout the Country’

‘We need common sense gun reform’


TODD: "George P. Bush called this white terrorism. Not many other Republicans have used that language. Do you think others need to, in order to get the President to see this problem?"
CASTRO: "I wish they would call it out. That they would be honest about what is happening here. Because you know very well, and I know very well, that if this had been somebody of the Muslim faith that had committed this kind of act, immediately they would go to this idea that —  as the President has — this bogus idea we have to keep all Muslims out of the country, which is absolutely ridiculous. I think, instead, what we need to do is address the issue with common sense gun reform and also address this toxic white supremacy that is brewing in the country."

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