Noah: Dems Should Look at How Trump Explains ‘Numbers’ When Talking About Their Health Care Plan

‘No one at home can keep up with all of these numbers’

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NOAH: “Hey, I will tell you what kind of math we got in New York, number one and number two, asshole, that’s the kind of math we got here. A! I am going to be honest. This is the part of the debate where I think Demorats really need to get a whole lot better. No one at home can keep up with all of these numbers. $40 billion, 7%, 70% over continue years, 30 trillion, 3 trillion when you compound it, it’s too complicated, all right. It almost made me miss Donald Trump, yeah. Because when he does math he just says folks, we’re going to do numbers. Best numbers, big are numbers and everyone at home is yeah numbers, I guess there is numbers. You have to find a middle but that was health care.”

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