MSNBC Segment: Most Americans Oppose Far-Left Democratic Policy Proposals

An MSNBC segment from after Tuesday night’s Democratic primary debate highlighted how most Americans oppose far-left Democratic policy proposals, ranging from eliminating private health insurance to decriminalizing border crossings


KORNACKI: “Another issue you heard about, this is national health insurance. Should there be a program that makes it available to undocumented immigrants? Again, among Democrats, basically 2-1 support that proposition, 60-32 among general election voters, complete opposite. And one more that came up late in the night, that question of reparation payments amongst Democrats, 46 support, 40 percent say bad idea. Among voters again, 27-62. So you see the sort of moderate candidates, this is what they’re trying to express on that stage. But when the energy on the Democratic side is somewhere else, that’s the power behind those comebacks that you heard from Warren and Sanders." 

(h/t The Washington Free Beacon)

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