Alveda King on Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton: ‘At One Time in Their Lives, They Highly Regarded the President’

‘At one time in their lives, they highly regarded the president’


KING: "I have a beautiful picture of President Trump, probably tweeted today, and he was with Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton. I have a picture with me, Alveda King, with my goddaughter Angela Stanton King, with Reverend Al Sharpton. And at one time in their lives, they highly regarded the President. And so I'm thinking about a scripture. If it had been my enemy, I could have understood, I would have known what to do. But you were my friends and my brothers. So these are his brothers, Al Sharpton has been his brother. The President is concerned about the whole nation, about everybody in the nation. So I want us to remember that we've been designed to be brothers and sisters. One member of the human race, not separate races, the same blood. And so, I was just rejoicing to be able to pray here today and to believe that America will come together. We will learn to be brothers and sisters. We will not perish together as fools."

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