Ted Cruz: ‘I Think Fox News Went All in for Trump’ During 2016 Primary Race

‘Do you believe it was Roger’s dying wish?’

HOOVER: "There is a new book called 'American Carnage,' it's out, and it has described the attitude of Fox News towards you as pugnacious. It quotes you saying that Roger Ailes, who's the founder of Fox News, that you believed his dying wish to help elect Donald Trump as president. Is that true?"
CRUZ: "I think Fox News went all in for Trump. That was the decision."
HOOVER: "Do you believe that it was Roger's dying wish to help elect Donald Trump as president?"
CRUZ: "I didn’t know Roger well, but I think it clearly is what he wanted to do.”
HOOVER: "Why did the prefer Trump?" 
CRUZ: "No idea. I can't tell you that, but I can tell you, starting in about March 2016, they went all in for Trump and they made a decision — that was a decision made at the network level reflected on every show."

(Via Mediaite)

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