CNN’s Chris Cuomo Says Fox’s Tucker Carlson Is ‘Picture of the WASP-y White Male’

‘I think Fox News and Donald Trump have been targeting these women’


ROJAS: "I think they need to embrace it. Go on the offensive and talk about our vision, because the reality is that the Progressive ideals that these four Congresswomen represent — let me take a step back, because I think that Fox News and Donald Trump have been targeting these women. They’ve at least been targeting AOC. And the reason why is because these are four women of color and they’re trying to point to these white voters and say, 'You have nothing in common with black and brown people.'"
CUOMO: "That's why you see Tucker Carlson doing it so much, because he is the picture of the WASP-y white male. He is the right one to harness the outrage and say, 'They want to take me out and replace me with these people.'"

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