Joe Concha: According to Grabien Media, Since Sunday, Word ‘Racist’ Said on CNN, MSNBC More than 2,200 Times

‘That is for the squad; the media loves nicknames’


CONCHA: “There is an actual number around this that since Sunday according to gradient media, the word racist has been said on CNN and MSNBC alone, more than 2200 times. I don’t even know if that is physically or magnetically possible, but that is what has been happening this weekend the myopic focus completely. That is for the squad. The media loves nicknames. I guess the dream team was taken from the ‘ 9092 team, so they went with the JV squad instead. We saw with Ocasio-Cortez from the beginning, she was on “Time” magazine 5 minutes after she was sworn into office called the phenom, a “60 Minutes” interview only a few minutes after taking office, and in the town hall on MSNBC before the presidential candidates did.”

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