Kamala Harris Says She Won’t Raise Taxes on Middle Class for Health Care, Unlike Bernie Sanders

‘Medicare-for-All means that everyone will have access to health care and costs will not be a barrier’


HARRIS: “Right now, someone who has insurance coverage will still be out of pocket $5,000 because that's their deductible, which for most Americans is unaffordable." 
LAH: "The role of private insurance, are you limiting that to something like cosmetic insurance? Or what is the exact role of private insurance?" 
HARRIS: "To cover what is not otherwise covered." 
LAH: "So, that includes what?"
HARRIS: "Very little because almost everything will be covered. Almost everything will be covered. And here is the important piece -- we've got Medicare-for-All right now. And you know what that is? It's the emergency room. And it is extremely expensive for the American taxpayer. And also it's a system that basically means that people have access to health care when they're in crisis. A smart system will not require people to be in crisis before they have access to health care." 
LAH: "So then how does this plan differ from what Senator Sanders is proposing?" 
HARRIS: "I think that they're very similar. I don't think they are -- I mean, I don't -- I'm supporting his bill. So, to the extent that he's talking about his bill. I don't know what else he's talking about." 
LAH: "You said --" 
HARRIS: "I mean, I'm not in support of middle class families paying more taxes for it." 
LAH: "And that's what I was hoping to talk to you about." 
HARRIS: "Yes."
LAH: "You just said that. That you were not in favor of a middle class tax hike." 
HARRIS: "Yes, correct." 
LAH: "How do you propose to pay for your version of Medicare-for-All if it resembles what Senator Sanders is proposing?" 
HARRIS: "Well, part of it is going to have to be about Wall Street paying more. It's going to have to be about looking at how we -- and what we tax in terms of financial services. That's part of it. But the other part of it is to understand that this is about an investment which will reap a great return on the investment. We can't only look at this issue in terms of cost without thinking about benefit. The benefit to the American public will be that people will have access to health care that right now they cannot afford. And we are all paying a price for that."

(h/t Mediaite)

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