Howard Kurtz Scolds Media Treating Trump Racist Label as Fact

‘Many, many outlets have just skipped the ‘critics say’ part’


KURTZ: "There has been thunderous media condemnation of President Trump’s attacks on these four freshmen, as he knew there would be, as he actually wanted, in my view, because he gets the Democrats to defend the four freshmen and then he can argue they are siding with women who he calls socialists who hate America. As far as the straight news people, most of those were anchors that you showed, many outlets have just skipped the critics say part and they say racist attacks, racist tweets. I think a better approach is for journalists — and I’m not defending these tweets, by the way, is to lay it out but not say it’s racist, because that goes to motive. You're saying in his heart he is a racist. I prefer the way that our colleague John Roberts did it at the White House when he said to the President does it concern you that these tweets are seen as racist and are being embraced by white nationalists."

(Via NewsBusters)

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