Kevin McCarthy: ‘Speaker Ryan Worked Very Hard ... and He Was a Great Speaker’

‘Speaker Ryan is a very good friend of mine and I watched what he was able to achieve with this president’


McCARTHY: "I think Speaker Ryan worked very hard and he was a good speaker and a great speaker. Speaker Ryan is a very good friend of mine. I watched what he was able to achieve. I watched what he's been able to achieve with this president. Tax reform that has not been done in 30 years. All those statistics that I laid out for you in the economics of where it was was a team that was built. You are quoting something based upon a book that I have not read. And having talked to Speaker Ryan, I know that’s not the words he used because I've been in rooms with him and with the President. These are two individuals who worked very well together. I know that someone can take a language out. In there they talk about Mr. Ryan talking about the President coming from business. That’s exactly what America needed: A president who could come in and shake up Washington. Speaker Ryan was perfect in the job where he was at, the knowledge of what he had, and that combination together was able to make sure in this Congress that we got tax reform done. Because remember this. Article 1, Section 7, tax reform doesn’t start in the Senate, it starts in the House. Without Speaker Ryan and without President Trump it never would have gotten done.” 

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