Rush Limbaugh Falsely Claims Obama Removed Citizenship Questions from U.S. Census

‘These are global elites who want to manage the world and control as much of the population as they can’


LIMBAUGH: “All of this, everything the left does is political. And they couch it in compassion and concern and not wanting to target or single out anybody. My problem with all of this is that the American left today seems to have one major problem that is guiding every agenda item they have, and that is they don’t like this country. They don’t like this country as founded. They don’t like this country’s place in the world and so they want to diminish us. They’re too afraid of American superpower, American Exceptionalism. But this idea of who is a citizen and who isn’t, why did that question get taken off? That's where everybody’s focus should have been. I will put this on the Republicans. Look at the way things happened. Obama takes the question off. The Republicans do what? Say nothing. Then the Democrats get back and we want to put it back on, President Trump, because it's common sense. Put it back on. The Democrats fight, oppose, make it Hell on Earth to try to get this done. And this is a great illustration of the difference in the two parties on how they operate politically. I think it's outrageous that the desire to know who here is a citizen is controversial."

(Via Mediaite)

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