Jesse Watters: ‘Unpatriotic’ Women’s Soccer Team Is Hurting Pay Gap Case By ‘Disparaging’ Trump

‘What you think will happen? People will not watch’


WATTERS: “Just the chance for equal pay in support come I never thought I would hear that. But the president does have a point. If you look at the World Cup men’s revenue which is in the billions and they split up the pot. It is a much bigger pot. The women’s World Cup revenue a much smaller pot to divide up. But the distinction is, at the U.S. Soccer federation, the women do actually make more revenue and they get paid less and that’s their lawyer’s fault. They negotiate a horrible deal and renegotiate that immediately. But the point is that women are not helping their case by their behavior. If you go out and you disparage the president and act unpatriotic ways and then complain about not getting paid equally, well, what you think will happen? People will not watch. Many, many people said this weekend, I love soccer. I’m not watching the U.S. Women’s because I didn’t like what they said. That means the ad revenue comes down and overall revenue comes down and they can’t divvy up the same amount of money.”

(Via Mediaite)

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