Biden: If Trump Gets Re-Elected, ‘There Will Be No NATO’ in 4 or 5 Years

‘No more NATO’


BIDEN: “We can’t go every place. We need allies. He is absolutely dissing them. He’s embracing thugs, he’s embracing Kim Jong-Un who’s a thug. He’s embracing Putin who is a flat dictator. He’s embracing people who, in fact — and he's stiff-arming our friends. He’s threatening NATO, to pull out of NATO. Come on."
CUOMO: "He says he’s gotten NATO to give in more money for defense because of his tactics."
BIDEN: "Give me a break. Come on, man. Bay the way, the idea that NATO — let me put it this way, if he wins re-election, I promise you there will be no NATO in four years or five years."
CUOMO: "You think there will be no more NATO if he's re-elected?
BIDEN: "No more NATO. Look, I went to a conference and the first speaker stood up, the chancellor, the former chancellor of Germany stands up and she says, 'We have to go it alone. We can’t count on the United States.'”

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