CNN’s David Chalian: Not Even Democrats Are Supportive of Getting Rid of Private Health Insurance

‘Among Democrats, only 30% favor going to a government — a government-run program to replace private insurance’


CHALIAN: "And this may explain why Harris is not seen yet as sort of dominant on the health care issue. You’ve seen the whole conversation about private insurance, should it — this is among Democrats, Wolf. I just want to make that clear. Among Democrats, only 30 percent favor going to a government-run program that would replace private insurance. 49 percent, the plurality, says no, we should not replace private insurance entirely with a government-run program. So when Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and Bill de Blasio, those four raise their hands and then Kamala Harris said the next day, she heard the question wrong, that's the political concern for her. Not even Democrats are supportive of getting rid of private insurance."

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