Diamond and Silk: ‘Democrats Are the Party of Segregation’ and Kamala Harris ‘Supports It’

‘She doesn’t have a pretty past’


DIAMOND: "Well, yes, he is. If you look at his past, his history and his record, especially when he gave a Senate floor speech back in 1993 about the crime bill, it echoed the sentiments of bigotry and racism. But what I don’t understand is who is advising Joe Biden? Why didn’t he hit Kamala Harris back on her record when it comes to race, how she's had droves of black men locked up as a prosecutor. She didn’t defend them. Why didn’t he hit her back? Because she doesn’t have a pretty past. Hers is just as ugly."
BOOTHE: "How so?
DIAMOND: "Because Kamala Harris was a prosecutor that had black men locked up for the same thing she was doing, smoking weed. She does not have a good record."
SILK: "That’s right."
DIAMOND: "Okay? So I’m looking at them. Joe Biden should have hit her back. Her record is not clean either."
SILK: "And then how is Kamala supporting the same party that segregated her and her family? She's in support of the same party. It’s not just Joe Biden. It’s the party, the Democrats are the party of segregation and she supports it."

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