Black South Bend Resident Unloads on Buttigieg During Town Hall: ‘Stop Telling People to Shut Up!’

‘Stop telling people how to feel because you’re not feeling the same way we feeling’

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CASEY: "Like I was saying, I want to say that I love this city. I want to say I love this city so much and I want to support y’all, but I refuse to lay down my respect for these people out here that’s hurting to say something that’s photo oping that sounds meaningful but it ain’t. The same process y’all telling us to trust you told us in 2016 when we were protesting Aaron for the first time. The to same process you’re asking us to trust, how can we druft this process? How can we ask another black plan be part of test department, when you have sexual harassment charges inside The South Bend police department, you promote the bad plovz and demote the good ones. How are we supposed to trust this? Mayor, when that young man got killed, run over at the stop light, what did you say? What did you say, mayor? You dang near blamed him. How are we supposed to trust you? And you done partnered with a lot of the stuff we done did with my organization. I understand that. But when you mess up, we have to call that out, too. When the city mess up, we have to call that out, too. And our people is hurt. Dr. King said, everybody out here want to be Martin Luther King scholars. I’m not encouraging a riot, but these people is unheard. That’s why you’re getting the reaction you’re getting. Stop telling people shut up. Stop telling people how to feel because you’re not feeling the same way we feeling. I’ve been fighting the same fight with these people six years. I had to stop because I got retaliated against. My girlfriend at the moment got taken down by police, pulled her over — hold on."

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