Maggie Haberman Says Trump Disconnected from Own Officials: He ‘Does Not Want a Conflict with Iran’

‘I’m curious about what John Bolton says’


CAMEROTA: “Our military experts and analysts this morning have said this is the biggest test for the Trump presidency thus far. And how do you think President Trump will respond to a provocation like this?"
HABERMAN: "I think he’s going to respond similarly to what he said last night. I’m frankly more interested in what senior officials in the administration say. I’m curious about what John Bolton says. I'm curious about what Mike Pompeo says. Because there has been a disconnect between what they say and what the U.S. is doing in terms of sending troops. And what the president is saying. I think it is — the president we know does not want a conflict with Iran. He is very aware that all of these foreign engagements have been problematic. That was part of platform he ran on in 2016, it was no more foreign wars. So we will see."

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