Dan Bongino to Juan Williams: There Was No Obstruction of Justice, You’re Making Stuff Up

‘He was the biggest victim of the spying scandal’


SMITH: “Here now Dan Bongino, the host of the Dan Bongino show, Juan Williams, the cohost of The Five. Nancy Pelosi said Politics are not at play here, this was a roundtable discussion hosted by Christian Science Monitor and she really takes into this conversation. Politics not at play?”

BONGINO: “That is hilarious. While the ridiculous things said in Washington, D.C., Nancy Pelosi hinting that Politics aren’t at play in a impeachment talk? Impeachment for watch? Winning an election? He was the biggest victim of the spying scandal and U.S. history, there was no evidence of obstruction of justice that would be a remotely convincing court case. It was absurd. That is why she is trying to tamp down this utterly absurd talk.”


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