Fox News’ Martha McCallum Spars with Julian Castro: ‘Is There Anyone You Wouldn’t Let in the Country?’

‘So if it’s not a crime to enter the country is at a crime to not show up for your court date or what point is a crime committed do you believe?’


CASTRO: “And this Family Case Management Program essentially worked with folks who had a court date that they needed to come back and appear for. It was based on sort of a case manager forum and they kept in constant contact with the families. They knew where they were, they informed them about the court dates and the responsibility that they had. During that program, people had more than 98 percent return rate to come back to their court dates. And so I say, instead of treating people cruelly and instead of wasting money, instead of wondering where people are at, why don’t we implement a smart, effective and humane program like that Family Case Management Program — "

MACCALLUM: "Is there anyone that you wouldn’t let in?"

CASTRO: "No, I haven't said that."

(Via Mediaite)

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