Rep. Steve Cohen Goes All In on Impeachment: ‘We Will See Blood on Our Hands’ If We Don’t

‘I think we have a moral imperative to bring those charges in the House and stand up and do its responsibility, even if the Senate won’t’


SCIUTTO: "As you know the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has to this point resisted moving to formal impeachment proceedings against the president. With this latest statement by the president do you believe that Speaker Pelosi is failing in her duty to protect the law?"
COHEN: "I can’t say that. You know, Nancy Pelosi and I are friends, I respect her, she’s really smart. She’s got a different perspective on what gets the country in the best shape and gets rid of Donald Trump, and she thinks it’s the 2020 elections. I think the 2020 elections will rid us of him, but I think he is a present danger and that if we don’t do something to assure — and I think impeachment proceedings will help see that he is beaten, but that’s not the reason to do it. I think we have a moral imperative to bring those charges and the House at least us stand up and do its responsibility even if the Senate won’t. I think we'll see blood on our hands.”

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