Rep. Cohen: ‘My Oath Requires Me To Be for Impeachment,’ ‘Trump Needs a Scarlet “I” on His Chest’

‘We need to stand up to the rule law’


COHEN: “But if it went to the Senate and they had a little trial, even though Mitch McConnell has already said case closed, I think the senators who did not vote to convict after evidence was deduced would be vulnerable in their own elections come the fall, even in red states, because I think the opinion is going to — the tide is going to turn on the opinion just like it did in Watergate. It started at 19 percent and went to 57 after the hearings. I think the hearings will make it grow more and more and the Republican senators could be vulnerable and we need to win the Senate, too. But the main reason I’m interested is not so much to win the Senate, which is a by-product. It’s because I think he’s committed impeachable offenses and needs a scarlet 'I' on his chest and that's what I think we should do, is we need to stand up for the rule law and not let this president get away with ordering people, asking people, telling people not to comply with subpoenas, not to produce evidence, and continue to say that the press is the enemy of the people and benefiting from this presidency by getting emoluments violations by the galore and having people stay at his hotels in Ireland and Washington and rent his office buildings in New York and all over the country. We’ve filed amendments for appropriations bills to stop that."

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