Pelosi on Mexico Tariffs: This Is Not a Way to Treat a Friend, It’s Not a Way to Deal with Immigration

‘This is dangerous territory’


REPORTER: "Madam Speaker, does the Senate have the votes to override a presidential veto on tariffs?"
PELOSI: "Well, the first of all, let's see what they are sending forth and if they do send it forth. The Republican leader said they're going to stick with the president on this. I don't know how many of his members go along with that. I think the Senate probably has the votes to override, but we're not -- we haven't seen anything yet, except the tweet, a tweet and then this statement about the authority under which they would do this, but we haven't seen anything that we would be overruling and -- and then going to the next step. But I think that this is dangerous territory. This is not a way to treat a friend. It's not a way to deal with immigration. It's not a way to deal -- meet the humanitarian needs at the border."

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