Katty Kay: We Don’t Know if the Western Liberal Order Is Going to Exist for Very Much Longer with Trump

‘Now we have a world going forward symbolized by Donald Trump where nothing is certain’


KAY: “In a sense, this visit is so fascinating because you have the Queen symbolizing the old order, symbolizing that world of the last 70 years where we could rely on certainties in the relationship. And now we have a world going forward symbolized by Donald Trump where nothing is certain and no relationship is certain and we don’t know what our future relationship is going to be with the United States and we don’t know what the United States' role in the world is going to be or even if that Western liberal world order is going to exist for very much longer. And I think that's where we are. We are in this moment of extreme uncertainty where you have the Queen, who is this symbol of stability and decades of rule, and people almost revere her all the more for that in this world of instant tweets and instant foreign policy, and then you have Donald Trump who is the antithesis of that. We don’t know where the U.K. is going and we don’t know where the U.S./U.K. relationship is going.”

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