Rand Paul Slams Amash: What the Obama Admin. Did to Trump Is Against Everything Libertarians Are For

‘We don’t like the secret FISA court going after Americans’


PAUL: "Libertarians like myself have for long time said that the intelligence community has too much power and that we’re very concerned that either CIA or FBI could be investigating Americans for political purposes. That's long been our complaint. So I don’t understand a libertarian who would take this investigation and say we should pursue it and impeach the President. It goes against everything libertarians are for. We don’t like too much power. We don’t like the secret FISA court going after Americans. Foreigners are one thing, but we’ve always been very concerned about the FISA court being used against Americans. I’ve been talking with the President. I spoke with him last night about how do we try to prevent this from happening to the next president or to the Americans at large? I think the President is open to trying to figure out a way, either legislatively or through executive order, we can try to prevent this abuse of power from happening again."

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