CNN’s Keilar Rages Over John McCain’s Name Being Hidden from Trump: This Is What Happens in North Korea

‘That’s what happens in Venezuela, Iran, China, Russia, North Korea’


KEILAR: “As a whole, the President’s politicization of the military actually undermines how other countries view U.S. military action abroad. U.S. involvement in conflicts looks like the policy of a minority faction of the U.S. Navy instead of the whole. The military is supposed to serve America, the Constitution. They are yours, not the President’s. If the military is seen as supporting a particular president, then Americans who don’t support that president may not want to serve. And then it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Then the military is ripe to become weaponized by one party, and that’s not supposed to happen in America. That’s what happens in Venezuela, Iran, China, Russia, North Korea. And back to the 'USS John McCain.' The fact that the President never authorized this move to obscure the name of the ship is actually worse than if he did, because it means that some officials in the Navy are catering to the President’s political vendetta against John McCain. It means that not only is the President politicizing the military. The military is politicizing itself."

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