Hakeem Jeffries: Impeachment Is Not Off the Table, We Are Still in Evidence Gathering Mode

‘We still want to see the unredacted Mueller report’


HUNT: "He has said that it has not been ruled out. Nancy Pelosi has said the same. At what point do you guys have to make a decision one way or the other, either rule it out or get it started?"
JEFFRIES: "Well, it is not on the table and it is not off the table because we are still in evidence-gathering mode. We still want to see the unredacted Mueller report because we can’t trust the so-called Attorney General  —"
HUNT: "Are you willing to punt this question even if you never see the unredacted Mueller report? I mean, Jerry Nadler and some Democrats are arguing behind the scenes that you have to launch impeachment proceedings just to see that grand jury information."
JEFFRIES: "Jerry Nadler’s position, as far as I can tell, has been, 'Let’s proceed with the hearings,' and he's indicated we're going to conduct and we need to proceed to those hearings expeditiously. I support that. Simultaneously, he said, 'Let’s get the unredacted Mueller report, let’s get the underlying documentation, particularly because Bob Mueller won’t draw a conclusion, so we need the documents and the evidence ourselves so we can arrive at a conclusion.” 

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