‘I Love You, Nancy Pelosi’: Deutsch Displays Media Idolization of Democrats

‘This is Nancy Pelosi now 2-0 versus Trump’


DEUTSCH: "If that back and forth continues through 2020 — Nancy versus Donald, Nancy is the Democrat, Donald is the Republican — she will do more damage to him than any other candidate. I love this because there is a competent, bright, dynamic, strong woman against a frightened, frail, weakened, clearly out-of-it man. And so to me, once again, this is Nancy Pelosi now 2-0 versus Trump. If we go back to the shutdown, that was Trump’s most stunning, clear 'L' on the head, courtesy of Nancy Pelosi. And the more he engages with this superior adversary, the more she kind of just paves the way for the candidates to come in. I love you, Nancy Pelosi."

(Via NewsBusters)

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